Dear Self

Everything you see is imaginary,
Everyone you love is just your frenemy,
They’re laughing at you, you did it again,
And now the world is spinning round and folding in.

Dear self,
I know you’ve got your issues
Dear self
I know you’ve got your triggers
Dear self,
I know you need my patience
Dear self,
Now I need your acquiescence.

It’s just a walk through the mall, not a public speech.
It’s just a trip to the store, they don’t think you’re undercover.
Man, they’re laughing at a joke, not your nose, fly or hair.
It’s like I think my medicine requirement’s a vice.

Dear self…
Dear self…

You know they don’t know if you’re way off to your left.
You know nobody’s arguing about if you make sense.
So what, you think in metaphor, that doesn’t mean you stink.
Stop sweating on your typewriter, you are not Barton Fink!

Dear self…
Dear self…

Can’t we just get off the floor, someone’s knocking at the door,
But the nightmare’s started, you can knock until you’re bored.

Oh, oh man I can’t, oh, oh,
Oh man I can’t, I can’t,
This is my misery chant.

Dear self…
Dear self…

So instead of facing knives and spears, I’ll turn in all my fears.
See, when I fell right down to bottom, I gave my life away.
Oh man oh man, God just change me, I can’t face it any day.
And man, He said it straight to me, “Alright, it’s done, okay?”

Dear self…
Dear self…

You will only ever serve one master
No matter what they may say to you,
If you work for money, drugs or sex,
What you’ll get is that, I guarantee.
So I’ll give my life to my Master,
And I’ll live for Him since I can barely see.
And then when I run into problems,
It’s His faithfulness that always sets me free.

Dear self…
Dear self.


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