Uh oh
Uh oh uh oh
It looks like something just broke.
Something fell outside of my head.
Something opened up inside of my head.

Was that my sanity sanity?
Did my mind go sideways wammity?
Uh oh
Uh oh uh oh
Here we go again.

Ohhh that’s when it just becomes the worst!
I’m talking to you, then wam bam it hurts!
Then I’m way outside oh my oh my!
A dozen feet tall and smaller than a football.
What’s that he’s saying? He doesn’t make sense.

Shut up, shut up, I’m way out my fence!
It’s not like I suddenly just went dense.
Quit crying
Quit wailing
Be a man
That’s all they can say? Oh man, oh man.
Somebody call the waaambulance.

Okay, okay, let’s keep this cool.
So I’m messed up, just play the fool.
It’s not like all the short ones stop and stare…
But here we go, oh no, right back down again.
Who needs a ladder to see over the wheel?

Did you know it’s all I can do
To look you in the eye?
And did you know it’s not your fault,
I’m just a gimpy kind of guy?
Let me be, uh oh uh oh.

I think I’m in the ceiling now…


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