Birdcage of the Broken

Flood him with feeling,
Starve him from seeing,
Take lace from shoe,
Put sand in the brace,
Fill up the breach with timber,

Take a match!
Take a match!

Yeah, this one’s trash,
Just a little bit brash.
He lived it on the wild side,
And now he’s cut apart.
What a fool, what a shame!

Take it all!
Take it all!

Maybe what’s cutting isn’t him,
What if what’s breaking is new earth?
Do you see seed or recedency?
Roots are invisible, bruised easily,
But if it’s like a reed, will it break?

Break the bruised!
Break the bruised!

Let the Work be made whole,
Let what cleaves finally form,
Allow the eager to enter,
The desperate to be saved!
Prevent what is rent to this extent!

Take me, Lord!
Take me, Lord!


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