Who You Callling a Liar?

Is God good? Is the Bible true? Why does it matter?

I challenge you to find older questions than these. And I’m going to claim to be arrogant enough that I can answer them, at least inasmuch as I understand the asking of them. The Bible tells me to exhort as if God Himself were speaking, and indeed, if I claim to lean on the wisdom of Yahweh, I should have an understanding of it.

So, is God good? Why should I believe that He is or isn’t?

Big questions make for big answers, so let’s narrow things down a bit and apply Occam’s Razor. If God is not good, then He must be lying when He says He is. The Bible makes every conceivable effort to tell us that God is good. Even in His judgements, He only calls out those who disobey Him. Therefore, if God is NOT good, He is a liar.

To move forward, we have to conclude that either the Bible is wrong when it says God is good, or that it is right. The law of contradictions rules out any other option.

Now, why would the Bible deliberately lie to us? I know that’s also a really big issue, but I honestly cannot see how. We can all agree that the Bible tells us that God created the world. So to think of God as something that isn’t limited by the dimensions we humans can see would not be far-fetched. (A two-dimensional drawing on a page could not comprehend its artist any more than a human can fully grasp God.)

So why would a God that exists above (outside, beyond, etc.) our observable reality think it necessary to tell you that things are different than they really are? Why would God (who is still the only single one who’ll take credit for making you) arrange everything to work the way it does (earth’s rotation angle, Jupiter’s amazing ability to catch almost every celestial object that might threaten Earth, DNA, gravity, entropy, etc.) with perfect precision and then tell you something about Himself that isn’t true?

After all, wasn’t it Him who told us not to lie? That’s where my instructions to tell the truth come from. If the Law of Gravity is inviolable, where do I start reasoning my way into thinking that the Law of Sin and Death is not?

I’ve made a bunch of logical gaffs in this, probably. And that’s awesome. Please don’t hesitate to question me on every one. I’ve left things out for the sake of space, not lack of an opinion, I assure you.

Iron sharpens iron. If we cannot discuss issues of life and death with each other, maybe we should start asking why they scare us so bad. When I get my panic attacks, my body screams that I ought to fight or run, but I often choose a third (worst) option, which is to freeze. If my brain wasn’t misfiring and there was an actual threat, I’d be cut to pieces. This is really, really real. Perception has nothing to do with fact.

I want to keep this short so that you have time to comment. There isn’t much more to be said about this without engaging an alternative viewpoint and that would be far better with input. Thanks for reading. You guys are awesome!


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