Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

I wrote this for you. If you’ve been hurt by church like I was, or you think they’re a bunch of hypocrites, that isn’t the church; that is people failing to love instead of fear. That means you’re worth something. The devil doesn’t push back at you for doing the wrong thing.

Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Nobody ever told me I could have this.
No one said Jesus gives more than hell or not.
Why didn’t you tell me He brings life?
Why didn’t anyone say it’s about more than just not dying?

So now it’s like I’m in the wrong room.
Now it’s like the walls are glass.
Yeah, I can see how you’re walking,
I can hear all your talking.

But this glass keeps lying to me.
Yeah, it keeps saying I’m worthless.
Like I can’t accomplish, can’t rise above.
It says God Jehovah can’t do more.

Well guess what.
I’ma tell you what!

All of those were lies
Yeah the glass just tells you lies.
I gotta look past, I gotta rise up.
Faith. Yeah they say you gotta
Believe in Him or it’s like He disappears.
I’m leaning too close, the glass is fogging.
I’m believing in You, but I’m doubting myself.

Can’t you stop and see?
Can’t you break the glass?
Yeah tell me He’s head over heels.
Tell me He’s ecstatic at the sight of me.

I know I’m bad, tell me how good He is!
I already know I can’t do it,
Why do you keep repeating yourself?
The victory is won! The battle is done!
I’m saved, free and whole!
I’m made clean and holy!
I’m regarded as undefiled. Untouched!

Thanks, but I’d rather have Him.
Thanks, but I’d rather be me.
Thank you for all your advice.
You’re just completing your life.

I’m gonna live mine.


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