Nothing Like a Nice Cup of Morning Coffee

Alright, folks! I’m back, more or less, though I won’t be posting as regularly as I used to.

You might have noticed that the posts on this blog disappeared for about a week. I was doing some work on a new site and needed to get a few things sorted. Nothing to worry about.

And speaking of a new site, I have one! It’s my official freelance writing website, so if that interests you, check it out here. It’s likely that I’ll move this blog over to the same domain eventually, but I’ll give plenty of warning if I decide to do that.

I’m fighting a particularly debilitating cold this week, so putting one word in front of the other feels a little complicated. My brain wants naps, you see, but I know that naps are the embodiment of evil and shouldn’t be had. Not that it stops me. Curse you, brain!

Okay, I’m cutting this post short before I start rambling. Nobody likes a rambler. I have had some neat ideas I wanted to share lately, so I’ll be back in quick order. Just as soon as I remember not to put commas everywhere they don’t belong.


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