A Sick Day is Just a Black Hole to Put Your Time Into

I am the sickest of the sicks today and I blame snow. Go away, snow. Nobody likes you anymore. We were all like, “yaaaay, Christmaaaaas” when you first showed up. Five months ago. Seriously, how can anybody even think that’s a proper amount of time to stick around. GIT.

So, I have the grumpies. For damned good reason. But still. Them grumpies will stick around for the day. Or until the cotton falls out of my brain. Whichever comes first.

Lately, I’ve been busy with work of varying occupation. I write and then I work in a machine shop and then I write again. It’s a little bit like being bipolar, really. I’d like it over with as quickly as possible, but the bills need paying and, frankly, filling time I would not otherwise be receiving a paycheque for with activities that do give me money seems like a great idea. So that’s how that is.

Anyway, taking today off to do nothing but sleep sounds like a nightmare, so I thought I’d at least take a break from napping and tossing and turning on a couch that has an inexplicable penchant for making my back sweat (whose back sweats? Seriously.) and post here, run-ons and all.

Zombieland became a TV show without me noticing. I’m not sure how that came about, but now that I’ve seen the pilot, I’m disappointed I ever knew it existed. The editing was off-time, the acting was childish and the story is as shallow as your average video game shooter list of go-here, go-here, go-here, explosion, done. The best scene was, perhaps for the best, the first one. Which I would recommend because the acting is actually believable and the scene is funny. But it goes so far downhill after that. Tallahassee is the kind of character you want to see die. That’s not a good trait for the character who’s supposed to be a badass.

For the record, I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch it. Who knows? If the show gets enough attention and they decide to give it a season, maybe they’ll actually put some effort in. But you’d do yourself some good to watch it with a grain of salt.

Now I’m going to go stare blankly at my TV for a while. I hope your weekend is full of your favourite things.

Oh, and North Korea is a big baby whiner. Waaaaaaaaaa.

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