So Much For That!

Remember how l was all set on writing new content for The Fevered and Roach pickin’? Well, apparently l need to not decide things for my future anymore.

Ready for the update? Here goes.

Work has been a little slow. Now, compared to where l was a year ago, calling it slow sounds whiny, even to me. But, I’m not where l want or need to be yet. l thought moving west and crashing with my parents for a month or two would give me the breathing room l needed.

Life is funny. Planning one thing usually means another will happen.

My dad works in a machine shop. l used to do the same and basically swore it off because blah. So when his boss asked if l would come work for them, my answer went something like “nonononononono.”

And then they told me what they wanted to pay me. So here we are.

I’m still trying to work my writing back into my schedule. The job wrecks my desire to do anything in the evening, but they have promised me time off for writing when l want it.

So that’s where we’re at. l do still need to get to a place when l can know what to expect from everything that’s happening. A lot has changed in a short time and it’s quite a bit to ingest. But l am not dead. Or a zombie robot. Just so we’re clear.


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