Morning Coffee: The Dog Spilled My Espresso


Of all the clumsy things to do, why must this dog insist on knocking over something so important? That infuriating, fat animal just had to attack some bread crumb she found on the floor and barrel straight into the table with my coffee on it in the process.

But how could I ever be mad at these eyes?IMG_2073That animal…

Anyway, I’m off to do some writing for you. Watch for new content in The Fevered! Have a Tuesday!


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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee: The Dog Spilled My Espresso

  1. Alynia says:

    Awwwww! I couldn’t be mad either, even while it is about something as important as coffee. That’s why I have never been a really good dog owner, except for the fluffy golden retrievers xD

    • JeremyJoel says:

      Isn’t she a heartwarmer? That look changed my reaction from horrified anger to the realization that I could always make a fresh cup and who was the dog to take blame for such a thing? I think she has mind control abilities…

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