Morning Coffee: Same Shit, Different Province

So, that’s done. The day I set to drive across the country also happened to play host to some amazing whiteout conditions. Honestly, driving through blankets of snow and fog on black ice isn’t my idea of fun.

And I’d just like to say, if you pass traffic when you can’t see past a quarter mile, you’re an idiot. I was almost in a head-on collision that would have been easily avoided if some moron hadn’t decided his giant-ass truck entitled him to pass right when he met me. But no, after you. I’ll just drive here on the shoulder. Sideways. Because that’s how we do it in Canada.

Ugh. Trucks, especially jacked up ones. I swear, either they do something to turn people into self-obsessed retards or that’s just the demographic they sell to.

Don’t be one of them. Nobody will like you and you will not become some demi-god who does not bow to the will of the world around you.

End rant. But to recap, don’t be an idiot.

Have a Tuesday worth enthusing about, people. I promise I’ll write something longer for you after this week of crazy everything is over.

OH! Also! I now live within driving distance of my fiancee! If I weren’t so freakishly busy this week, I’d go and see her right now. But you know, bills and paycheques and deadlines and all that.

On with Tuesday!


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