Morning Coffee: The Learning Process

coffee with a view

It really doesn’t matter how far you’ve come; there will always be an immeasurable expanse of things to learn in front of you. Even the smallest things take practice.

I got a little carried away last week. I saw so many votes coming in for The Fevered that I thought we might even be able to hit 100 votes by the end of the weekend. I promised an additional chapter for today if we reached that goal.

But weekends are weekends, so the votes trickled in. I got a total of four after Friday. Not exactly a gamechanger, but it makes sense. There’s a reason why I’m trying to stick to two chapters a month (although that may still be up for review.) I have, in the past, stopped reading stories that I felt were leaving me behind. I get it, I sympathize with it.

In short, I’m not feeling too downtrodden after this failed attempt to build the platform. I still have lots of things to try.

This can be a good lesson, though. For me as well as anyone else looking to build an audience. Writing for “the people” can feel like you’re selling lemonade from your sidewalk. Sure, potential customers are walking by, but you still have to convince them that your homestyle lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons is better than whatever Lemonade Emporium 3000 is selling just down the street.

And what makes writing even more difficult is that you’re asking people for their time. It’s easy to toss change in a cup. Agreeing to invest your precious time in something is anything but.

It’s all a chance to learn, though. Sometimes, you just have to stop trying to push forward and appreciate the view. You’ll get there eventually as long as you keep trying.

P.S. If you have time to waste, you can read and vote on The Fevered here. Something big-ish happens in the fourth chapter.

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