Morning Coffee: We Did It!

coffee and cigar

You guys did it! The Fevered has 77 votes as of the writing of this post, which means there will be a new chapter up by noon tomorrow at the latest. I’ve been active on JukePop for only two months now and The Fevered is just outside the top 50. My goal, with your help, is to get into the top 30 by the end of March. This seems doable. The JP30 list is full of established, well-written stories, but we can take ’em!

Thanks a ton for all of the support, you guys. Without people to vote, this would be just another story that I post online and hope to get feedback for.

Now we’re on to my next goal, and it’s a tight one. Earlier this week, I mentioned the possibility of yet another chapter if we hit 100 votes by midnight on Sunday. I’d be head over heals if we could do this and I know for a fact that there are enough of you voters out there to make this happen. Think we can do it?

I’m off to deliver you another chapter. And if I have time today, I’m going to start putting effort into finding some indie reviewers. If that’s you, please don’t hesitate to comment. Any review is a good review!

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