Morning Coffee: Leave Blank

spilled coffe

We’re getting closer to spring. I can feel it. The last couple of days played host to biting wind that brought temperatures back down to the -30 Celsius mark, but that’s just a phase. The sun seems warmer and I hear birds in the morning.

Ned Stark had good reason to look so grim when he said winter was coming. Snow and ice and all that is find and dandy for Christmas, but come January all we can think about is how much the cold wants us to die. January and February are the two longest months of my year and they usually end with the same triumphance as a particularly beastly winter in a fantasy novel.

Enough melodrama.

Yesterday, I told Facebook that if they could get The Fevered up to 75 votes by Friday, I would give them a new chapter by noon on Saturday. As of this morning, it’s shot up to 66, so we only need 9 more.

Now, since it’s apparently too easy to get that many votes in the span of a day, I hereby offer this as an addendum to the already existing challenge: if The Fevered gets above 100 votes by the end of the weekend (that’s Sunday at midnight), I’m going to upload yet another chapter by the end of Monday.

I realize that going about promising new chapters in a story you may not even have read yet is an exercise in futility, but at this point, you’re going to have to deal with it. I have some very cool ideas for it down the road, after things really pick up, but I can’t say much about that yet.

Suffice it to say that I’ve been sitting on something titled “The Beleaguered” for longer than The Fevered has even existed in any form. And I like t-shirts. But I’ll save both of those for later.

You can read The Fevered here and leave feedback and suggestions for the story in the comments.

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