Morning Coffee: The Tuesday Plan

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A friend shared this picture with me this morning and I thought it was fitting enough that I could replace my regular coffee-art pilferage with it. Because they’re all true, so go and be happy.

I’m making today as busy as possible. For science. So I’m going to cut this short and leave you with a list of things I’m going to do that might interest you.

1.) The Fevered. I’m going to get this next chapter hammered out and done. The little bastard’s been cluttering up my to-do list for far too long.

2.) Roach Pickin’. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s still very short and this would be a good time to get in the loop. It’s my homage to all of the terrible sci-fi first person shooters out there. If you like it, share it. It’s free. It should get a new chapter, unless I tackle point three instead.

3.) Which brings us here. I have thought about getting back into drawing for months now. I don’t know when I stopped investing time in it, but that particular vehicle of expression has been feeling somewhat malnourished of late and I should get back on it. I’ve had an idea that involves drawing pictures in pencil and learning how to add colour to them digitally. I haven’t practiced with this much, but all of my current stories need better cover art than they have, if they have any at all.

And all of that, as well as some small work stuff, should fill my day. Exciting? I can’t say. I really want Paper Trail done and out of the way so I can start looking for ways to get it published, but it’s dragging, too.

One more note: if you have any interest in The Fevered and also happen to possess some skill at PhotoShop, I put out an offer some time ago to the effect of me writing somebody into The Fevered as a possible recurring minor character if they could come up with some good, original content for me to use, with credit of course. That offer’s not going to stick around forever, obviously, since the story keeps moving, and I already have a few options to look at. But if this interests you, or you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments!

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