Morning Coffee: Meaningless, Meaningless!

coffee on wood

I drove out of the city with a couple of friends to see the asteroid on Friday. It was a clear night but it was still surprisingly easy to spot.

It’s easy to feel insignificant when something so alien flits past with hardly as much as a flicker in your direction. I wonder where it’ll stop. What planet gets to be its grave? Maybe it’ll burn up in a star, or get sucked into a black hole like the insignificant rock it is. Will it wipe out a planet full of animals we’ve never imagined before?

Space feels infinitely more grand and intimidating the more I think about it. We look out at the stars and accept that they’re there, but to think that each star belongs to its own system, its own sense of existence, is daunting in a way that deserves its own word.

But I guess I shouldn’t feel too left out. It’s not like I really wanted to get hit by an asteroid.

This is bringing me back to a short story I started writing last year and never finished. I’ll have to give it another look to see if it’s publishable.

May your Monday be less windy than mine. Sounds like the house is trying to fall on my head.

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