Morning Coffee: Hallowed Friday

Loner Bean

I like this picture. What are you doing, little bean? Why are you way the heck over here when all of your blurry buddies are huddled in the corner over there? Breaking free from the pack, are we? Setting out on our own to find the perfect bur grinder without no help from nobody?

You go, little bean. Make a difference like everybody says you can. Go on, show your stuff! We’re all waiting.

You could’ve been big. Instead you did what everybody else was doing and got roasted. Do you think you stand a chance now? You once had colour!

Silly bean, you’re breaking free just a day too late. You should’ve gone at it while you still had hope of being a seed.

Now you’re just a slightly less blurry bean on a field of indiscriminate material. Oh well, better have fun while you’re at it.

Hey, how about you have a Friday? Everybody’s doing it. Friday is less the start of something new than it is the end of something old. Most people hate whatever predates Friday, so it’s a good thing. For the rest of us, we’re just happy to party it up with the end-of-workday revelers. Because nothing beats the freedom that comes from escaping the 9-to-5 asylum and knowing you don’t even have to go back tomorrow. Or the next day.

Two days only. It’s really quite shortlived, but we’re used to time being cut short. It’s how we live.

Hey everyone, go have a Friday. Be like the loner bean and trek out from the blurry nether into crystal clear focus just for a day before the grinder gets you. It’s better than nothing.

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