Morning Coffee: Obligatory Heart-Shaped Grounds

coffee love

See how relevant that picture is? I am on the ball today.

I have a plan for today that will cut this post short. It involves a guitar, some new guitar strings that I have yet to find in all of my boxes and power-learning a song when I can’t remember more than three guitar chords. It’s silly, but silly can also be romantic in a way.

I have to go and scrounge around for those strings, though. I have them somewhere, but I’m not sure where.

Update-y stuff: I got partway into the next chapter of The Fevered last night. I hate it, so I’ll probably scrap and restart. If not tonight, then tomorrow. Sorry for the wait. You can read the first three chapters here, if you haven’t yet. And if you do read it, please vote on each one that you like. I can’t properly express how much those votes help keep the story going.

I haven’t forgotten about Roach Pickin’ either. It should be along shortly after The Fevered.

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