Morning Coffee: Monday! Now with 100% Less Deadlines

Espresso PourJeez, today’s a slacker. I finished up all of my work with a timetable on Friday, so today is the annoying kind of day where I look for work. It’s no less a part of the job than sending an invoice or nagging a source to let me do an interview–and one of my favourite things in the world is getting the okay for a new job–but it’s stressful some days. It’s like half of my job consists of doing job interviews and not getting hired.

It’s all learning, though. I can still use a rejection to work the kinks out of my next pitch, so it’s not the end of the world.

Yesterday’s post was a little fiery. I don’t care to comment on religious drama most of the time because the whole subject is so diverse that I’m as likely to step on toes as I am to find a hundred more followers (in most cases, I’d probably end up doing both,) but I think it needed to be said, if for no other reason than for me to go on the record as saying what I did. If you haven’t read it yet and you might be interested about a short rant on Christianity and how badly we fail at walking the talk, you should go have a look. The link is at the top of this paragraph.

And comment, too. So far, this is half of a discussion. I’ve said my piece, but nobody has come banging down my door yet, so you should get on that.

Switching gears a bit, the Walking Dead started up again last night and I am all kinds of excited to find time today to watch it. When the show itself was first announced, I was excited because I had just gone through my George Romero phase and wanted more zombies. When the first season ended, I realized I didn’t like it as much as I did because it was about zombies, but because it was about the people amid zombies. This was a far more interesting premise anyway.

And now that I’m halfway through season three, I’m realizing that this is one of those shows I’m going to look back on with fondness. Sure, terrible things happen (ugh, right?) but they serve to strengthen the characters that remain in believable ways.

Anyway, life is good. Alberta is soon. I am officially excited.

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