Morning Coffee: Bacon Pancakes!


Okay, I’m exaggerating. I had plain old regular pancakes today. But while making them, that incredibly catchy song from Adventure Time got stuck in my head. I DARE you to listen to that the whole way through. It will be in your brain for the rest of forever.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I was out and about. I had an interview with a source an hour’s drive north in the town where I grew up.

Which was all kinds of weird. The interview went well, of course, but going back to that place you keep thinking you’ll never go back to feels very, very strange. You see faces you kind of recognize, and more that you’ve never noticed before. But there are also the few that light up when they see you, and that’s enough to make any trip worth it.

So, it was good. Chock full of a ton of memories, but good nonetheless.

LOOK AT WHAT BAD ROBOT IS DOING. J.J. Abrams is becoming my favourite person in Hollywood almost as quickly as the Millennium Falcon can make the Kessel run. (Haaar haaar. Get it? Because that’s a terrible comparison. A parsec is an impossibly long distance with current space travel technology. Comparing J.J. Abrams’ upward trek (ANOTHER ONE. Get it?!?) toward sci-fi king with an embarrassing word choice by Han Solo is silly. Nobody should try.)

I have to get back to work. It’s Thursday, right? [Insert Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference about Thursdays.]


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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee: Bacon Pancakes!

  1. DavidW says:

    Actually the line by Han Solo (once ret-conned) makes perfect sense. The Kessel run requires traversing near / through a cluster of black holes. By going fast to avoid being sucked in by the gravity and clever with the chosen route Han Solo found the shortest route both in distance and time.

  2. jjoelw says:

    I’ve heard the theory, but how many years did it take us to fabricate it to cover up Lucas’ silly little mixup?

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