Morning Coffee: Owly Jubilation

Espresso on Coffe Beans

Today’s a mix bag. I have news, good news, boring talk about working out, a neat coffee picture and some more jibber jabber. All just for you!

First, the boring talk. I started a kettle bell workout regimen because my scrawny bones apparently need meat on them. Today is the second time I’ve been through that particular ringer and I feel like all kinds of buoyant death right now.

Anyway, on to the news. You may have seen it yesterday, but The Fevered has a new chapter up. This means you can upvote this chapter, too! By the way, if you’ve been reading and voting, you are one of my top favourite people. It means a ton and the votes really do help keep the story going.

I woke up to a tweet from Megaton. They’re featuring The Fevered in their issue today, which is amazing and you should all go check out the site.

I’m still waiting on a contact to reply about some work stuff, so I guess today is a pitching day. Here’s some advice: if somebody offers to feature your company in a prominent trade magazine, that is free advertising. You look very, very silly when you turn them down.

With that, I’m off to have another celebratory pot of coffee. Things are good.

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