Morning Coffee: Dreary Monday

Coffee beans in a mugToday is gloomy and recalcitrant. It snowed a little, earlier, but gave up on that too. Apparently, throwing out the occasional snowflake is too much work.

At least it’s not so cold anymore. It’s a balmy -11 degrees Celsius today, which means I’ll go for a walk later. There’s something very encouraging about it being four times as warm today as it was a week ago. Even if the sky’s a wet shade of grey without the common decency to share some lovin’.

Scratch that. I think I just spotted another snowflake.

Also, if you haven’t yet seen this, it’s amazing and you should set everything aside and put it in your brain. People can do some crazy stuff.

I’m off to scrutinize the sky now. I hope your Monday kicks ass.

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