Morning Coffee: In The News


So, J.J. Abrams is set to direct the new Star Wars movie, which is probably the best movie-related news I’ve heard since The Hobbit. Abrams’ track record makes him a near-perfect candidate for the franchise, though strict Trekkies may find it a little hard to follow a man who plays both sides. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

North Korea’s playing the annoying brat role again. I keep seeing the drunk guy who’s determined to get into a fight when all everybody else at the bar wants to do is calm him down. Now, I know the situation is a little more complicated (read: political) than that, but I can’t help but wonder when they’re going to wake up with a wicked hangover and regret from last night.

And, once again, Washington D.C. is home to the annual March for Life protests. I admire these people’s resolve, especially since pro-lifers have been cast in ever more of a negative light recently.  I can sympathize with the less crazy pro-choice representatives, but claims that abortion is a right that every woman should have seems a little crazy when you consider what hangs in the balance. Whether it’s a human being at conception or not, the very fact that this is a debate should be reason enough to approach it more carefully than yelling “I deserve this” into a bullhorn.

Hope your Fridays are all amazing. I’m off to be less unproductive.

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