Morning Coffee: What Have You Put In My Drink?

IMG_1916Seriously. What on earth is wrong with my coffee today? It tastes awful. I’ve taken a picture of it for this morning’s header because it’s really that bad. Like ass, I tell you.

It tastes of derriere.

This week has made me glad I work from home. Last night, when I begged my car to come to life in near-absolute zero temperatures, it responded by starting with the shudder of a flummoxed behemoth and immediately turned on a single high beam to squint at the world around it and wonder what new hell this was.

I felt genuine regret, but some things just have to happen, you know?

Anyway, it’s been cold enough to crack bones this week. This is not atypical of January weather, so don’t mistake my whining for surprise; I just feel glad that the only cold that creeps into my spine is that which filters in through inevitably insufficient insulation because my seat is too close to the window.

Also, if you don’t happen to exist in a sub-forty Day After Tomorrow situation on this fine January day, go outside and enjoy the air for the rest of us, because our noses will start to bleed if we try to breathe too deeply out there. Seriously.

I think I’ll just stare at this picture of Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya for the rest of today. Mexico can’t come soon enough.


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