Morning Coffee: Just In Time

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It’s still morning, right? I’m going to have to rename this thing to just “Coffee” if my mornings keep filling up like this.

I’ve been thinking a lot about apocalypses lately (you can blame The Fevered for that.) Not any specific apocalypse scenario, mind you. Just the idea of something cataclysmic happening that throws everybody’s life out of joint at once.

Somebody once told me that our culture’s fascination with widespread calamity is the result of a society growing bored with everything working perfectly. I’m not sure about that, really. I sure wouldn’t argue that we’re bored and might even fabricate things to stand up for (or against,) but I’m not convinced that anybody is so antsy that they want any end to come.

Maybe our fixation is exactly the result of wondering what it would like if our next door neighbour’s life fell apart at the same time as ours. How often have we been waylaid by traumatic events in our lives only to notice that everybody else carries on? They hardly even notice us, and why should they? But what if a common event united us all?

It’s a question worth asking, at least. Perhaps even worth discussing.

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee: Just In Time

  1. Jeff Froese says:

    Another reason, in my humble opinion, that we are so fixated with widespread calamity is that it allows us to explore the core of humanity. What is it that really makes us tick? What keeps us going when there’s nothing to look forward too? Why do some give up and others not? How are we different from the animal kingdom? Are we so much like them that it’s simply the survival of the fittest, or do hope, love and faith remain even then, giving strength to the weak to overcome where sometimes the strong cannot?
    my two cents. 🙂

    • jjoelw says:

      Exactly! What sets us apart from everything else alive? Is it just civilization, or does something bigger drive us? It’s such a good lens to look at life through.

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