Morning Coffee: The Waiting Game

Coffee-art-coffee-30800586-500-360Today felt flat on its face straight out of bed. Now, I don’t believe much in days falling flat on their face in any sense of the phrase, nor did I drop and smush my kisser when I rolled out of bed. But today doesn’t offer much in the way of things that are keeping me busy. I should have a whole list of things to be panicked about, but you’ll never be the boss of you no matter how hard you try. So, I think today will consist of me playing the nagging game and playing around with some short story stuff.

Oddly enough, days like today would typically be a good thing. But I’m not a characteristically patient person.

I guess that makes this a growing experience, too, or something.

One thought that keeps recurring after arriving back home after my extended holiday is that this is the beginning of my last stay in Manitoba. Moving west will be all kinds of awesome because it means I get to be with my lady and I’ll get to spend time with my friends there, but Manitoba has always been where I’m “from,” if that makes any sense. Even while living elsewhere, I’ve always looked at it as the place I’ll eventually go back to.

That isn’t the case anymore and it will make the next seven months far too short. Perhaps for the better.

Anyway, I’m off to occupy myself with more fun things. I’ve had a sci-fi short banging around inside my head for weeks now.

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