Morning Coffee: Still Here

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So, I’m still here. It’s snowing quite heartily across Saskatchewan and I’ve taken that as an excellent excuse to stick around for another day. Not that it means I have much more time today than yesterday; I’m just doing all of tomorrow’s work today.

We’ve all heard that “if you can’t say anything nice…” blah blah blah. Everybody knows that speaking up for the sole purpose of tearing someone else down is not a nice thing to do. Not that certain events don’t call for a reasonable dose of negativity, but it’s generally accepted that doing so should be paired with some form of reassurance as well.

A certain James Luckman, unfortunately, seems to have forgotten that rule in a recent conversation (see link) with Brandon Sanderson, author of numerous novels like Mistborn and the recently finished Wheel of Times series.

According to Luckman, Sanderson, who was chosen to finish the Wheel of Times series previously written by Robert Jordan. Harriet, Jordan’s wife and editor, hand-picked Sanderson near the beginning of his career and with good reason. His works stretch the fantasy genre and always to great acclaim. He has written numerous New York Times bestsellers and hasn’t let up on turning the genre on its head with every new release.

But despite all evidence to the contrary, Luckman insists on calling out Sanderson, saying, “For you this was just a job.” Though obviously an attempt to elicit a reaction from somebody elevated to a position of greater importance than the average Twitter user, Luckman’s lack of tact is surprising.

Luckman’s Twitter Bio

Luckman obviously considers himself to be in a position of at least some public notice, yet behaves petulantly and without regard for the consequences of his words. In fact, the only thing more shocking than his professional behaviour is the discovery that he does, in fact, consider himself to be exactly that professional.

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