Morning Coffee: First Edition


I thought today would be a good day to start this. I’ve been thinking about doing a semi-regular morning blog for a while now and I’m out of excuses not to.


The gist: I like to sit and read the news on my computer while I have my morning coffee. Often, but not always, I stumble across something that’s insightful, empowering or otherwise interesting that I think everybody should know about. Typically, such articles eventually find their way to Facebook where everybody has a soapbox and it inevitably degenerates into a discussion on either politics or kittens (I’m optimistically inclined toward the possibility of kittens taking over a heated debate about nothing.)

So, I think what I’ll do is take that interesting tidbit, whatever it may be, and share my thoughts on it here. This will serve dual purposes: it will allow for a place to discuss where everybody and their dog won’t necessarily see and criticize your opinion, and it will provide me with something to refer people back to if it should ever come up in deep conversation. This will also serve as a way to update readers on what I’m doing, should they care to read more of my writing.

The news today is all CES leftovers and discussions on some much more important news. CES was mostly boring this year and the stuff that actually excited me are way too technical to talk about in brief and the Aaron Swartz story has been fully expounded on in the provided link, so I won’t even bother with that. Suffice it to say, it’s infuriating that perfectly unavoidable things like this happen and somebody somewhere needs to feel very bad for what they did. I hope they lose sleep.

On perhaps a less jarring note, my serial over at JukePop has a second chapter now, written on my birthday. About ten seconds after uploading, a friend politely asked if he could proofread for me next time. I agreed after I read it over and found my favourite paragraph was missing a word.

Anyway, if you haven’t read The Fevered yet, you should. It’s about a very big bomb exploding and what happens when a weekend away from your significant other turns into an apocalyptic race against time to find her again. Read it and vote if you like. I’m planning to upload two chapters a month to start with. Once the story has progressed a little further, I have another serial written before this one that takes place in the same world that I hope to run alongside.

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