An Introduction of Sorts

Welcome, newcomers. If you came here from Facebook, I appreciate your support. From now on, this will be the portal for all of my personal writing. My soap box, you might say. (Speaking of which, that would have been a good title for this page: The Soapbox.)

As some of you might know, I tend to post a lot of my writing (mostly short stories) on Facebook. Since I feel like I’m selling a bit of my soul every time I do that, I’ve decided to move over here where I will actually own what I’ve written. If you want to see anything that’s written prior to this post and we aren’t personal friends on Facebook, I’m sorry but that will probably never happen. (It really wouldn’t have been worth it anyway.)

That’s about it for now. Stay tuned for weekly-ish updates. I’ll work out a regular posting schedule shortly.

Jeremy W.


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