Finally wrote a song,
And it’s the worst one of them all.
Worked on it all morning long,
And then i derped and closed the app.
Felt pretty stupid, but i don’t give up.
I tried again and made one that’s worse.

Just fodder.
Now I’m writing about it
And I’m gonna praise my Father
In heaven with it, oh i wanna!
Even glad that i have marijuana.
Gratitude in my heart gets me going.
Lord my God, You provide more than I’m ought!
My family is big but we love each other a lot!
I’m fourth from seven, and we don’t just talk.
No, my Lord, you gave us parents who raised us up
In Your Word, and taught us love!
Jesus, You reign in us.
We long for Your love.
Help us always to raise up
Your Name and honor You above.

Now I’m just burping up canna-butter
But I’m missing my brothers,
Wishing to relive those go-kart
Rides in the falltime outside,
We laughed ’til we cried
And drove through the piles
Of leaves and they flew wild.
Snow piles last a while
In the winter, it’s a child’s

Sanctuary bow.
Do you remember how
We fell through the snow
Crusted but soft below,
Walk soft and it’ll hold,
But you tripped and fell
It got inside the shell
Of your parka and melted
Run inside, let Mom help.
Always there when we yelled.
Answered tears with a cup of milk.

I’m older now.
Memories melt like snow.
But lessons are forever, you know.
And blessings like a river flow within my soul.
Nostalgia burbles inside, i know
Messiah knows i need love more than growth.

Left, Right.

Left, right,
Left, right,
Onward march into the night.
Messiah Christ will win this fight,
Press forward, through the blight.
Deserts exist for epics to write.
Dry wind blows with all its might,
Moses didn’t climb Mount Sinai to be trite.
Israelites make gold calves, but we’ll worship tonight.
God is ever faithful, He won’t leave us lonely, hype
Cannot overstate the blessing of His Bride.

Left, right,
Left, right,
Stomp old bones to death, they wait,
Lie in the sand to trip you up, run late,
Snares like minefields from a past hate.
God is not aloof, He’s holding open the gate.
Impervious to evil, He sets the perfect pace.
Plans to benefit His own, He is faithful to chase.

So, lonesome, lost sheep,
Your Messiah longs to keep
You close by, you’re thirsty
And you’re hungry for relief.
Oh He longs to help you feed,
Take of His blessing for free.
Shares His life in love and mercy,
He’s more generous than we could plead.

Left, right,
Left, right.
Jesus made a Way that we can take.
It’s a road above the ache.
Safety from when blisters break.
Let the callous form and take.
If it hurts, know it won’t stay.
Heaven burns the pain away.
You won’t wait too long, no way.
Lift Him up, just praise His name.
Honour, glory to Yahweh!

Left, right.
Left, right.
Just keep on, you will not lose.
God is more faithful than you.
Right and wrong don’t change, renew
The way you think, His mind is true.
Jesus shares His peace, enthuse!
There’s nothing left that we can do
Except just help each other to
Forgive our bad attitudes.

Left, right.
Rest is in sight.
Like the onset of the dawn
Messiah won’t wait long.
You’ve had a glimpse; you long
For the Kingdom of our God.
Now let it rumble on.
Like thunder, rolling long.
Growth is like a gasp of awe.

Rest in sight.
Don’t go left or right.
Set your sights
On the burn of rising light.
Nobody wins this fight,
But Jesus got it right.
Died for His own wife.
Messiah won the fight.
Messiah won the fight.
Worship Him tonight.
He is worthy, praise His might.

Left, right.
Left, right.
Marching on into the night.
City on a hill of light.
Left, right.
Left, right.


This is new!
What did You do?
Hope laden with fruit,
I’m shaking, Your truth,
Like it breaks me in two
Except I’m fixed too.
What am I gonna do?
God, You proved
Who You are, I’m moved!
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

Fall was like, “aww man, potatoes?”
Now I’m looking at trees growing in rows.
Orchard rich with fruit that glows
Like jewelled caves, alive with gold.
Can’t dig deeper than these roots go.
Living water flows within my soul.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

See, when I thought I was leaving here,
When fear beleaguered my inner peace,
And suicide crept near to me,
Feet were speared,
I couldn’t hear,
Then a voice in my ear,
Jesus whispered, “I’m near.”
And, “Try Me, Jeremy.”
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

Oh my God, wow…

Funny how you can still think to earn it,
Funny how long it takes to learn this,
Hurts me how far I fell before returning.
Grace isn’t earned by anything; it’s given.
Wrench it from the Father’s hand, you’ll see what should be hidden.
Marching on the Promised Land, one man army’s ghastly ending.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

Compassionate, that’s God.
Lasting, perfect, and thunderous in awe,
Love is in His Name which He honours above all.
Glory to the God Who saved us from the fall!
Worship Jesus, He’s worthy of it all!
Exult in a Father Who gave His all to have us home.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

When I thought I had to have it all,
That Life becomes fuller when I fake my walk,
Like I could lie to God, oh He broke that.
Let me endure punishment to fix my crooked back.
But He brought me through, now I can look back
Without falling slack, but still why would I do that?
Oh my God, wow.
Oh my God, wow.

I had one prayer,
That I could rest in There,
Where Your Glory’s everywhere,
Your Temple is my lair,
I won’t leave for old despair!
You hold me closer than care,
Messiah’s older than we dare,
Yet He’s more ready than air.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!



Smell of the wind,
Angelic, it spins
Pirouette dance on skin,
Wheat-essence in heady rain.
Country dust smells like grain.
Angels dance our Father’s praise.
Bolstering cloud pillars grin,
Shroud the closeness of heaven
Until they loom heavy with rain.
Grey, they whelm, but it’s in vain.
Sun comes up tomorrow too, just pray.
My soul will yet praise Jesus’ Name.

I don’t really write songs to tell.
Mostly, I am just capturing smells,
Walking the sea bank, collecting shells,
Put ’em in my pocket lest I slip and fall
In the waves, ’cause the wind is all pell-mell.
Don’t like this? I won’t be the one to tell.
This is what I’m doing now, I’m so compelled.

One year ago, I was a mess.
Stared at the wall for two months, no joke on this.
Locked up in a box of self-righteousness.
Nothing at all is safe when you know best.
There is no hope in faith you test
Like it’s a bet, and you’re a veteran with crest.
Life is rest, it’s true, but you don’t pass the test,
It’s God showing you His best.
Testing Him by you, He’ll get
Through to you yet, take a breath.

God lasts; we flee.
What stays? Fire or heat?
Water boils merrily,
But goes lukewarm quick.
Keep the iron in the flame
And it will glow free of blame,
But it gets cold too, fire won’t stay.
Best to bend it before it’s brittle and it breaks.

On the wind like a mote
Of dust, pollen ghost,
Carried by the bees, buzzing like they boast.
Go slow.
Time shows
What needs to go.
Build hope,
Invest at home.
Slow float,
Faith, hope
Make love grow.
Point home,
Don’t moan
If your heart can intone,
Ask our Lord to atone
Melt this heart of stone.

It’s the wind in the pines,
The growth of grapevines,
The smell of the lines
Of corn reaching high.
Canola shines bright,
There’s a harvest before the fight.
Autumn falls before blight.
Gather up your work, get right.
Winter only stays the night,
Springtime burns it off with spite.
Wind will blow somewhere tonight.

Thank You

Thank You.
Thank You.

I don’t deserve to say thank You,
But You do;
Thank You.
I’m blown over by truth,
Miracles everywhere,
I see You.
I see You
In the park,
Where the snow lies in the dark,
Rabbits trip out in the lot,
Crossing streets right when there’s cars.

No traffic but they time it bad,
Just like us, You’re patient, Dad.
Cars slide past, slushy splash,
The rabbit quivers, “I hate my past.”
Almost got destroyed at last,
Not his fault, the cars don’t pass
In time with their headlights’ flash.
Just wait, dear rabbit, fear will pass.
Your Father’s hand won’t lose His grasp.

And when the leaves in the autumn
Fall like leafs from the offering,
It seems the people keep scoffing,
Every thought you think is just another coffin,
If we just hold on to His promise,
We won’t fall farther than He wants us.

Not lower, just less.
Go slower, confess,
Take your time, no regret,
There’s a quiet place yet.
Got over this chase
Beloved Saviour came,
Became all that we can’t,
Promised we’d escape death.
God knows we grow praise
When we undergo change,
Sow what we reap; pray.
We will always lift His Name.
Dive into His embrace,
Give Him all that we make.
He’s all we need today.
Raise the roof for Yahweh.

Yeah, You’re worth it all,
We’re all so small,
Quiet and hidden in the dawn
When the soft light still peeks off the clouds,
Checks in her mirror, is it safe yet to yawn?
Encouraged, she stands and sets flame to the sky.

No more hopeless maw,
Doubt won’t clench your jaw,
You had faith and trusted God.
Pain won’t last forever at all.



Can’t sit still so I made another song.
Couldn’t take pills, but invested in a bong.
Can’t see straight, glasses fix what’s wrong.
I even have a comb for when my hair’s too long.

Thank You.
Thank You.

I should buy a mic,
One that’s kinda nice,
It’d make me feel bright,
Like I know now what’s right.
But I’d still be fighting the fright,
I’d still be writing for Likes,
Still repressed by my plight.
There’s no ending in sight
If you’re chasing the next heist,
Spoil me just quick, I need life,
Impatience paints the colours with white.
Waiting will always beat strife.
Holy Scriptures cut like a knife,
Right to the quick, not making a sight,
Just doing it right,
Setting us straight.
Helping us take
This day by day,
Dying daily, kill the rage,
No more death in us, no hate.

So I’m just here,
Wake up feeling fear,
Overwhelmed by OCD,
Anxiety generalizes me,
Sit on it ’til I’ve settled, breathe,
Take your time and make some coffee,
This tripping out will fade like a scream.
I’ll take my medicine, I’ll see,
That worship flows right out of me,
I can pursue Jesus’ peace,
He gives it for free.
Gives it–ask!–for free.

He’s more loyal,
Made me Royal,
Anoints me with His oil,
Helps me surrender it all.
Worship the Messiah!
Praises on Mount Zion!

Ripping on some hits,
These old ribs creak like they’ll give,
Cough until it releases, unhinge
My breath gets sightly tinged
By marijuana like I binge.
Oil on my lips
Is a tattle tale’s decrypt,
But the pain fades, I cringe,
Could have faced it, I think,
What am i chasing? I shrink.
I should quit this, it stinks.
I’m acquitted, why slink?
No remittance, I’m sick.
Mental illness likes to stay,
Mess with me, my brain’s a game,
Little imp, this faithful play,
Loyal like a friend but fake.
Jim Butcher told me your name.
I know you now, know what to blame.